ACA Instructor Certification

Instructor training is appropriate for paddlers with established personal skills, who would like to share their love of kayaking with others.  Whether you plan to teach friends, help develop skills within your paddling club, or work as a paddling instructor, ACA Instructor training and certification are a rewarding path that will help you become an effective learning-centered teacher, as well as improve your own depth of knowledge and paddling abilities.  Pinniped Kayak offers Instructor Development Workshops (IDW) and Instructor Certification Exams (ICE) that utilize our varied local paddling venues and heated waterfront classroom space.   More information about Instructor training can be found in the ACA Instructor Criteria document

3-day L3 IDW, $420/person;  2-day L3 ICE, $280/person
3-day L2 ICW (combined training and assessment), $420/person  

Currently scheduled ACA Programs.                                       Contact us for more details.

ACA Skills Assessments

American Canoe Association Touring Kayak Skills Assessments (at Levels 1 through 4) provide paddlers with a benchmark of their abilities, helping you to ensure that you have attained a level of proficiency appropriate for paddling in a certain environment.  These assessments can also serve as evidence that you know what you're doing when renting sea kayaks or when registering for more advanced courses.  All participants will leave with an individual action plan, to help them further hone their skills, and successful candidates who are ACA members will receive a skills assessment certificate from the ACA.  ($15 introductory membership can be purchased at the assessment.)

$140/person, as scheduled or by appointment                          Contact us for details.

ACA Trip Leader Assessments

The American Canoe Association has recently created a Trip Leader training and assessment program.  These courses focus on the leadership, planning and group-management skills necessary to safely oversee a group of padders.  Whether you are leading trips for your paddling club, working as a professional guide, or just paddling with friends, the ACA Trip Leader Award will ensure that you have the skills you need to be a competent leader.  More information, including course lengths and pre-requisites, can be found in the ACA course description for the L2 Trip Leader, L3 Trip Leader and L4 Trip Leader programs.

Pricing varies by Award Level, and course duration.             Click for currently scheduled ACA Programs.        Contact us for details.