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Rocks, Ledges, Cliffs and Caves - Bar Harbor, ME

With help from guest coach Matthew Kane, of Prime Paddlesports in Cold Spring, NY, we are offering three days of instruction for improving and advanced paddlers in our region's most distinctive paddling environments - bold ocean cliffs and caves, thrilling reversing tidal falls, and pristine offshore islands.  Join us for part or all of this program, August 24th, 25th and 26th.

August 24th - Rocks, Ledges, Cliffs and Caves

That dynamic strip of real-estate where the land and sea mix it up is full of opportunities for improving boat control, and having a good time.  For paddlers who wish to push their envelope of rock-garden play, group management and rescue skills, the cliffs, caves, slots, and countless variety of rock features surrounding our glacially-carved islands will provide the perfect venue to tune up your skills.  Since going straight is rarely an option in this environment, there is constant opportunity to apply skills in the context of a changing environment.  We'll focus on learning how to use the ocean's wave energy to our advantage, because paddling with the sea as your partner is always easier than going head to head! 

$140/person, includes equipment                    Contact us for details.