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Incident Management and Avoidance - Mount Desert Island, ME

Proper judgement and adventure-management are a subject in all our classes, because it's always easier to avoid accidents than it is to clean up after them.  However, sometimes stuff happens, and how you respond can make the difference between a good war story and a bad outcome.  Our Incident Management/Avoidance course is a scenario-based class covering all manners of rescues, improvised boat repairs, medical events, emergency signalling, and more.  We'll engage in surf and rock-garden play, work on management skills to keep a group safe in these environments, and practice sorting out complex rescues and incidents that can occur here.  Expect a lot of things to go wrong during this day on the water, and then learn by trying various approaches to fixing things.  Our goal is to send you home confident and prepared to adventure more safely!

$140/person, as scheduled or by appointment                     Contact us for details.

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