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Rough Water Rescues and Incident Mgm't - MDI

What will you do in a squall?  How quickly can you react to a capsize in rough conditions?  Can you deal with a medical emergency on the water?  

Our philosophy of preparedness is that you only know what you can do in an emergency because you have actually practiced it.  This course will focus on performing rescues in difficult conditions, dealing with simulated emergencies that can arise on the water, and generally helping leaders who are responsible for others to ensure that they are as prepared as they can be to protect the paddlers in their groups.  

Topics may include rough-water rescues, difficult landing situations, weather management, emergency communications, hypothermia, and other issues that guides and sea kayak leaders in Maine are most likely to encounter.  

Participants must be familiar with rescues and towing techniques.  We will be in the water, so dress for immersion in 50 degree water.  Watersport helmets and towbelts are required.  Please let us know if you need to borrow either of these items. 

As part of Pinniped Kayak's commitment to supporting a high standard for working Maine Sea Kayak Guides, we are offering a $105 discount on this course for MASKGI Members. 

$140 per person, includes equipment             Register Here.
MASKGI Member Price $35 (please provide your own equipment if possible)