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Trip Planning and Leadership - Stonington, ME

Paddlers who think like leaders are safer paddlers.  Regardless of whether you're paddling alone, with a group of peers, or assigned to lead a paddle for your local club, proper trip-preparation and a leadership mindset are what puts us on the track towards a successful trip.  In this two-day class, with equal time in the classroom and on the water, we'll work on the skills required to properly plan a trip, and how to keep an eye on the big picture to make sure your plans go off safely.  We'll touch on navigation, weather, island access, provisioning and group management, and put it all together into your own complete trip-plan for a multi-day journey.   (To complete the experience, and make your trip-plan a reality, sign up for the 3-day Sea Kayak Journeying event, July 4th-6th, which picks up at the end of this course.) 

Students should be, at a minimum, comfortable with basic boat-handling, wet-exits, and self-rescue.

$280 per person.