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Tidal Currents - Special Training Event

  • Tidal Falls Rd Hancock, ME, 04640 United States (map)

By special request, we're hosting another 3 day special Tidal Currents training event, at Sullivan Falls (with a potential visit to another local tide race).  Come for a single day, or if you are interested in building momentum from one day to the next and really honing your surfing skills, you can join us for 2 or 3 days. 

One of Downeast Maine's signature attractions are the reversing tidal falls, areas of strong current created by the rise and fall of tides.  For sea kayakers, these areas provide a variety of conditions (bumpy water, eddy lines, moving water, smooth green waves) making them excellent classrooms for refining boat handling in a more challenging environment.  They also make really fun playgrounds for applying your skills and learning some smile-inducing tricks, like surfing the standing waves produced by the strong tidal currents.  We are fortunate to have what we think is the best tidal current training venue in Maine right in our neighborhood.  If you're comfortable with basic strokes and rescues, we'd love to introduce you to the fun of paddling sea kayaks in a tidal falls!

This class will be taught at the Reversing Tidal Falls, between Sullivan and Hancock, ME, less than 30 minutes from Bar Harbor.  Contact us to discuss this class, or to sign up.

$140/person per day, includes equipment