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Surfing Tidal Currents - Blue Hill Falls

For the first time ever, Pinniped Kayak is offering the perfect follow-up to our Tidal Currents course at Sullivan Falls - a 3-hour surfing class on the green-glass wave that forms at another of our area's tidal accelerations - Blue Hill Falls!  After honing your boat control at Sullivan Falls, join us on the morning of September 11th, to surf the area's cleanest saltwater standing wave, under the bridge at Blue Hill Reversing Falls.  We'll work with you to unlock the door to this emerald beauty, and give you the chance to develop your carving skills, surfing back and forth across the face of this nice smooth wave.   We'll bring a variety of play-the-sea style sea kayaks (and maybe even a whitewater boat) for everyone to try if they like.

$80 per person, includes equipment