Long Winter Passing

A few of you may have noticed that it's been a longer than usual winter here in the Northeast.  In particular, after a few hints of spring - longer days, more direct sunlight - March temperatures returned to the single digits most mornings, as though the month was unsure whether to rise towards spring, or have another go-around at winter.  

I don't paddle a great deal in the winter, mostly happy to dally in the tropical pool water, dusting off obscure rolls that I haven't used since I left the pool the previous spring, and helping students prepare their rescue and rolling skills for the approaching season.  However, even this year I managed to find a few mild days when my restlessness got the better of me, and I donned pogies and a hood to have a play in the cold, cold water.   

Now that we've finally arrived at spring, I've put together a few short clips from a variety of days out on the water this winter.