Moving on with moving water

Sullivan Falls is an excellent local paddling spot, with features to provide every paddler - from the complete novice to the adrenaline-soaked expert - with a perfect-fitted learning environment.  By considering the phase of the moon, the time of day, and choosing between a variety of micro-environments within the reversing falls area, a group can find everything from very gentle flat-water eddy lines, to steep saltwater foam piles. 

Arguably, Sullivan Falls is overrepresented in the videos I post on this page, but hey, it's an easy spot to film, and the subjects are always smiling!  So here's one more - a very rough cut of a couple students getting to know the mellower side of Sullivan Falls - the flood on a 10-foot tidal range.  After a couple days of basic instruction, these two were ready to take their boat handling skills onto moving water, crossing eddy lines, and doing some surfing at the top of a big friendly eddy, right next to the pleasant picnic area at Frenchman Bay Conservancy's Tidal Falls preserve.