It's here!

Saturday evening, in a darkened alley behind the Mount Desert Island YMCA, Michael Daugherty walked up and handed me a brown paper bag.  We had just finished loading all our kayaks back on the vehicles after an early evening pool session, and I had said my goodbyes - I don't usually get presents after such events.  Though the packaging and shadowy atmosphere suggested something illicit, I was excited to find inside my very own copy of AMC's Best Sea Kayaking in New England - a new guidebook written by Michael and published just days earlier! 

Now it sits by my bed-side, and I'm happily working my way through all the trips - some which I've traversed dozens of times, and a few which I've yet to explore.  It's an inspiring idea-book, dutifully researched and artfully composed by a great friend and paddling companion.  And all I did to earn my own copy was pose for a few kayaking glamor shots!  You can find your own copy at your local bookstore or paddling shop, and online at IndieBound.  Bring it along on your next course or multi-day trip with Michael, and I bet he could even be convinced to pull a grease pencil out of his PFD and write something inspirational inside the cover. 

Thanks Michael!