Here's how our season is shaping up!

Hello friends and paddlers!

Though there is a trace of snow in the air this morning, the flakes feel like a pretty transparent bluff by a fading winter that never was.  Flowers are poking through the ground, and I've been busily putting together a diverse and exciting line-up for our up-coming paddling season.  You can view the entire schedule on our website.

Our line-up of courses begins in earnest in one month.  Below are a few new additions and highlights that I'd like to share with you.

  • This year our schedule includes a number of notable guest instructors, including Ryan Rushton, Todd Wright, Matthew Kane, and Greg Paquin.  Variety is key to paddler development, and we aim to offer our students a mix of the best paddling instruction available.
  • Kick off your paddling season next month with a Coastal Skills Tune-up  focused on setting personal goals for the year, and designing strategies to achieve those goals.  (A day of Sullivan Falls training follows on the next day.)
  • In celebration of Michael Daugherty's excellent new guidebook, we are offering a handful of multi-day Journey Trainings this summer.  Stunning destinations include the Fox Islands, the Downeast Coast, and Mount Desert's Outer Islands.  These courses allow you to simultaneously expand your sea kayaking skills and experience the best kayak touring destinations that the northeast has to offer.
  • This June we are offering expanded ACA programing, including a Level 4 Skills Assessment, a Level 3 Instructor Certification Exam, and the all new Level 4 Trip Leader Award.  You can expect even more ACA programs to be added later this season.
  • We have once again combined our favorite courses into clusters in July, and August so that you can experience our best training venues during a visit to the Mount Desert Island region.
  • My personal favorite item on this year's schedule is a Rock Garden Safari to the islands of Petit Manan, Bois Bubert, and Jordan's Delight.  This area has too many play-spots for a single day, so we'll stay for two, and camp on the islands for a night. 

All this planning has gotten me really excited about paddling, and I hope you too are making big plans for 2016.  I'd love to hear about them so send me an email or give a call sometime.  As usual, I've left a bit of space here and there in my schedule to accommodate special requests, so send those along as well.

Have a great spring, and I'll see you on the water!