Fall Update from Pinniped Kayak

Hello paddlers and friends,

It's been a great season so far, and I'd like to thank many of you for joining us for a variety of classes this summer - everything from calm days on a local pond, to some thunderous days among the cliffs of the Porcupine Islands or Bois Bubert.   (We do our best to keep our Facebook page well-populated with pictures from our events, so that you can follow along when you aren't able to be on the water with us.)

As we get deeper into September, most of my attention turns to working with students at College of the Atlantic - preparing them over the course of this year to lead freshman orientation trips by sea kayak next fall.  However we've got two more great events planned towards the end of the Fall, and we'd love for you to come paddle with us one more time this year. 

  • We are expanding on the Bumpy Water Weekend that was such a big hit last fall - three days of the best paddling and instruction that our area has to offer.  October 24th is Rough Water du Jour (heading out to wherever we'll get the best conditions for surfing, rock-gardening, or general fun).  October 25th will find us working some bigger tides at Sullivan Falls (big surf waves for chargers, and plenty of more approachable features for those who are still easing into tidal currents play).  And on Monday October 26th we will run an Incident Management and Avoidance class (a creative scenario-based class where we will challenge students with real-world problems they need to resolve).  More information on the Bumpy Water Weekend is available on the website.  Let us know if you are interested in joining us for any or all of those days.
  • During the first weekend in November, I am excited to be offering an ACA L3 Instructor Development Workshop with my mentor Todd Wright.  This three day course will introduce candidates to a variety of approaches for effectively introducing others to the sport of sea kayaking.  We will also help candidates refine their own personal skills and group management abilities.  This course has been filling quickly, but we do have a couple spots left.  If you have questions about joining us, please drop me a line. 

    In case anyone is looking to add to their fleet this fall, we do have a handful of boats for sale, including both sizes of Delphin (from 2014 and '15), a Valley Etain 17-7 RM, and a Valley Aquanaut (composite).   Details are listed here.

    Keep in touch!  I'd love to hear from you about how your paddling season has been, and what your goals are for next season.  You can let us know how we've been doing by phone, email, or by writing a review on our TripAdvisor page.  Or you can just tell us you need more Pinniped Stickers - I'd be happy to drop them in the mail for you!

Thanks again for being a part of Pinniped Kayak!
- Nate